Fun athletics Holiday Camps

Fun athletics Holiday Camps from funetics to help primary school children with their physical and academic education whilst having fun and interaction with friends.

Fun athletics holiday camps

No school, no worries.

funetics holiday camps enable your child to continue their school PE experience. They’ll have awesome interaction with other children of the same age, physical activity in a safe, inclusive and continuous learning environment…this funtastic experience is what our holiday camps are all about!

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Book your child’s place now – for Summer '22

Next up and not too far away are our Summer '22 Holiday Camps.

And in addition to camps throughout England, this year, in Birmingham and West Midlands only, these Camps will celebrate the Commonwealth Games with additional Games themed activities; as a result of funetics securing £350k Government funding.

WATCH THIS SPACE for dates and locations COMING SOON.

What are funetics Holiday Camps?

Created by England Athletics and delivered by our expert coaches, funetics is a fun and inclusive programme to help 4-11 year old children to learn, develop and practice running, jumping and throwing – the fundamental movement skills.

Our funetics Holiday Camps are part of the funetics programme, simply tailored for school holiday periods whatever the school term (summer, autumn or spring).

Here’s a bit more information on funetics

Athletics is where it all begins. Learning to run, jump and throw is the foundation for a lifetime of activity.

From playground to podium athletics offers everybody, irrespective of size, shape, cultural background or disability, the opportunity to achieve great things and to live a healthier and happier life.

We want to help children of all backgrounds and abilities to flourish and reach their full potential.

We want to create opportunities for more children to find a sport they enjoy, and from there, sustain their participation in the sport and to do this we believe creating the “right experience” is key. For this reason, funetics was created.

What does your child experience?

Our Holiday Camps activities mirror the funetics programme activities: they are all about the fundamental movement skills: run, jump, throw.

Whatever your child’s age (between the ages of 4-11) the activities are age appropriate and fully inclusive. Activities and sessions deliberately encourage fun, interaction, play and some competition where appropriate.

Alongside the coaches, you will be able to track your child’s activities by accessing our funetics app.

How can you access the Holiday Camps?

Our expert coaches supported by funetics leaders, deliver funetics Holiday Camps either in our affiliated athletics clubs or via our community partners.

We promote each term Holiday Camp a couple of months before the term camps start as they will vary in location and number. But every Holiday Camp will adhere to our guiding principles: safe, encouraging, rewarding, developmental and child-centred.

What do the Holiday Camps offer your child?

  • a safe, fun and supportive environment with qualified and experienced coaches and funetics Leaders
  • a great opportunity to interact with current friends or make new friends
  • funetics creates moments that they will want to share with family and friends
  • the opportunity for a child to continue to enjoy physical activity and or to 'learn' during the holidays
  • a 'taste' of the entire funetics programme, which they could access thereafter in funetics schools or athletics clubs (via breakfast and after school clubs, curriculum lesson and junior athletics sessions).

How can clubs and operators become a funetics Holiday Camp delivery partner?

Any England Athletics affiliated club or sports / holiday camp operator looking to become one of our delivery partners, should complete our Holiday Camps expression of interest form.