Norfolk Festival Of Sport 4 2000

Giving athletics a go at Norfolk Festival of Sport

In August, the picturesque Holkham Hall in Norfolk provided the perfect backdrop for the third edition of the Norfolk Festival of Sport at this venue. Originally founded by Austin Healey and Will Greenwood, the Festival moved from its Twickenham home three years ago.

The day provided ‘give it a go’ opportunities in a staggering 25 different sports giving the perfect setting for children to try something new and test their skills.

Within athletics, over 400 young people took part in different running, jumping, and throwing activities throughout the day. The festival had athletics legends Jenny Meadows and Derek Redmond coaching and inspiring the children whilst also supporting 35 parents with a special ‘How to Run’ session, demonstrating the accessibility of running to everyone.

Speaking on the Festival England Athletics Elected Director and Chair of Athletics Norfolk, Clive Poyner said:

"The two days are pretty full on for the local coaches that attend but they are rewarding in equal measure as they give the youngsters the opportunity to try all aspects of our sport. You never know, some prospective Olympians might have started on the pathway."