Share Shack

Working with Active Wellbeing Society and their Share Shack initiative, we will enable families to engage with funetics in their local park, open space or back garden at zero cost and at times that suit the family.

As part of our response to COVID-19 and national lockdowns in 2020/2021 we created a funetics@home resource, activity cards for parents to engage in run, jump, throw in their home environments with their children.

We will expand access to the activities in this resource via the Share Shack initiative. Families were able to access funetics equipment bags and funetics@Home activity card packs at each Share Shack location point at the Commonwealth Games event.

Loaning these resources at zero costs, families will be able to engage with funetics in their local park, open space, or back garden easily and without any worry.

The funetics@Home resources are geared to whole family engagement, creating fun games and run, jump, throw activities, including mini competitions and family challenges.