Become a funetics provider and help improve the fundamental movement skills of young children

Become a funetics provider and join our movement

Apply now for a funetics licence and help improve the fundamental movement skills of young children. Watch our short video to find out more about becoming a funetics provider.

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Join the team

As a licensed provider, you and your team could help to deliver fundamental movement skills in both schools and the local community, throughout the year.

You could join the funetics delivery team via a number of licence options:

  • Schools licence
  • Community licence
  • 'Direct delivery' - working as a Lead Coach for England Athletics

For our England Athletics Affiliated Clubs, we have a dedicated package just for you, to alleviate junior waiting lists or create new junior sections.

We have a number of licences already agreed and these providers are already in direct talks with schools and community groups. 

Marketing support will be provided to you (to run in addition to your own marketing) to help you market:

  • to schools for curriculum time sessions
  • to parents for breakfast and after-school clubs in your licence agreement area. 

Marketing directly to parents will commence once you have your licence and you have the delivery / sessions created. Marketing by yourself and supported by funetics will be regional initially until national presence is secure; with the exception of our 'event' campaigns:

  • The funetics Home School Pack
  • Holiday Camps
  • Sports Day

Support from two athletics giants

Our funetics sessions provide you with access to support from two athletics giants, Katarina Johnson-Thompson and Usain Bolt.

Joining funetics is your opportunity to truly inspire young children and make a difference

  • Free of charge use of their imagery in your local marketing
  • Competency ‘congratulations’ video messages for the children
  • Exclusive Usain Bolt coaching content

Support available....

Dependent upon licence....

Support to get started

  • Coach or teacher training available via a dedicated funetics training course with flexible training packages including: online, or face to face group training
  • Schemes of work, lesson plans, training plans and activity cards to help deliver sessions
  • Provider kit and equipment package
  • Comprehensive onboarding process and support to help get started

Administration support

  • Online administration and management platform
  • funetics Coach / Teacher app
  • funetics app
  • Quality assurance site visits
  • Customer service and support team

Marketing support

  • Website to help advertise funetics sessions
  • Online marketing portal to help promote your funetics sessions
  • Free of charge marketing assets (email, social media assets and collateral) via our provider MarketingHub
  • Regional marketing support via the England Athletics Marketing Team
  • Two sport legends to inspire children to get active and in doing so support your sell-in to schools and community groups: funetics ambassador Katarina Johnson-Thompson and funetics insole partner Enertor brings with them the support of Usain Bolt.

"The beauty of the funetics programme, is that it builds on the fun, age-appropriate and progressive principles of the competency framework."

David Millett
funetics Provider, Milton Keynes

To become a funetics provider you need to have the following in place:

  • A track record of delivering inclusive athletic development schemes
  • Access to a coaching team
  • Access to primary schools in your local area

Each provider will need to have a coaching team in place and each coach will need to hold one of the following qualifications, undergo an enhanced DBS check and complete an online safeguarding course.

For School Licence Providers

  • Qualified teacher
  • Level 2 NGB qualified coach
  • Athletics coach / Coach in Running Fitness

For Community Licence Providers

  • Athletics coach

Current licence opportunities

Our opportunities for providers looking to purchase a funetics licence are shown below.

funetics school licence

As a school licence provider, you will be able to secure a territory to deliver funetics primary school sports programmes in the following settings:

  • Breakfast clubs
  • Curriculum lessons in schools
  • After school clubs

£5100 + VAT Introductory rate one-off fee
£250 monthly fee from year 2 onwards
4 years 4 years licence term for first providers

funetics community licences

As a community licence provider, you will be able to secure an area to deliver funetics community sports programmes during evenings and weekends at chosen locations.

£2550 + VAT Introductory rate one-off fee
£100 Monthly fee from year 2 onwards
4 years licence 4 years licence term for first providers

Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more, please complete the form below and a member of the funetics support team will be in touch with you shortly.

Provider application form

If you are a business or organisation, please provide:

Please indicate per setting the number of sessions per week you would look to run in year 1

As the data controller for funetics, England Athletics Limited take the protection of the data that we hold about you seriously and will do everything possible to ensure that data is collected, stored, processed, maintained, cleansed and retained in accordance with current and future UK data protection legislation and our privacy policy. In this instance we are collecting your personal data in order to contact you in relation to becoming a funetics provider.