Help your children to be healthy, active, confident and happy!

How funetics can help your child!

funetics, created by England Athletics, provides a safe, fun and nurturing environment for children to learn, develop and practice fundamental movement skills: running, jumping and throwing; giving them the confidence to boost their activity levels and to support them in different sports in the future.

With sessions and activities available within the school environment (either in curriculum time, school clubs (breakfast and after-school) or within the community (including some of England Athletics; affiliated clubs), funetics offer athletics clubs for 4-11 year olds all year round.

Where are funetics sessions held?

funetics sessions are typically held at primary schools through breakfast clubs, curriculum lessons and after school clubs, as well as in community venues such as England Athletics Clubs.

The programmes typically run for a block of 6–12 weeks at your child’s sports club. Each week will involve your child taking part in fun activities which include:

  • Fun and engaging warm up and cool down activities
  • A minimum of two activities focused on either running, jumping or throwing

You will have access to the funetics App track your child's progress

You can download the free 'funetics App' which allows you to track your own child’s progress digitally as they learn fundamental movement skills each week. This encourages your child to become more confident as they progress throughout the programme, and to be more active now and as they grow up.

On the last week of every programme your child will take part in a competition week when they try and beat their own personal bests.

An assessment of your child and report will be available to download through the free funetics parents’ app.

In addition, your child will be rewarded with online badges and achievements during each funetics course.

funetics online store for funetics branded kit and equipment

You have the option to purchase fuentics branded kit through the funetics online store.  Some funetics courses will include a branded participant pack; including a personalised t-shirt and Enertor insole as part of the course booking fee.

If your child is joining a funetics athletics club as part of their school curriculum, each school will have the opportunity to purchase kit for their class taking part in funetics during school time.

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Where can I find a funetics programme?

Find a school or club using funetics

How do I book my child onto a funetics programme?

We are currently expanding our funetics programme across England and have a number of delivery providers including your local track and field club, Leisure and Community providers and primary schools.

For your nearest funetics provider please contact us where we will be able to assist you and find the best programme for your child.

Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more or find a children’s sports club near you, fill out our contact form and a member of the funetics support team will be in touch with you shortly.