Help your children have fun getting active with the new funetics programme.

Inspire your children to get more active

Help promote a healthy future for your children by registering them for the new funetics programme created by England Athletics, to teach them core physical skills and how to run, jump and throw.

funetics provides a safe, fun and nurturing environment for your children to develop fundamental movement skills and confidence to help boost their activity levels and support them in different sports in the future.

Children leading more healthy and active lives

The UK Government's 'School Sport & Activity Plan' states all young people should have the opportunity to live healthy and active lives and we believe funetics supports this ambition.

Chief Medical Officer Guidelines currently recommend that children and young people should take part in sport or physical activity for at least 60 minutes every day split evenly between the school day and outside school hours. However, recent research carried out by Sport England shows that as few as 28% of children and young people do 30 minutes or more every day at school, while only 22% do so outside school. The research also highlighted the positive association between the amount of sport and physical activity a child does and their happiness and individual development.

What is funetics?

Reflecting the requirements of the National Curriculum Key Stage 1 and 2, the content of the funetics programme has been devised so that all children aged 4–11 years can discover new physical confidence and raise their activity levels through fun, dynamic sessions. funetics caters for children with no or little previous experience of running, jumping or throwing activities and is appropriate for able-bodied and disabled children.

The guiding principles for the child-centred funetics programme are: 

  • Safe – all activities will be delivered with safety as a first priority
  • Encouraging – children will always be encouraged for their effort
  • Rewarding – children who demonstrate both physical skills and softer skills, such as team work, punctuality and determination, will be recognised and rewarded
  • Developmental – children will learn at their own pace through age appropriate sessions

"funetics was really fun and energetic. I liked the running races!"

Rebecca Chalmers, aged 8 years

Where are funetics sessions held?

funetics sessions are typically held at primary schools through breakfast clubs, curriculum lessons and after school clubs, as well as in community venues such as England Athletics Clubs. The programmes typically run for a block of 6–12 weeks. Each week will involve your child taking part in fun activities which include:

  • Fun and engaging warm up and cool down activities
  • A minimum of two activities focused on either running, jumping or throwing
  • An assessment of your child and report available to download through the free funetics parents’ app

How can I keep track of how my child is progressing?

You will be able to download a free app which allows you to track your own child’s progress digitally as they learn fundamental movement skills each week. This encourages your child to become more confident as they progress throughout the programme, and to be more active now and as they grow up.

On the last week of every programme your child will take part in a competition week when they try and beat their own personal bests.

In addition, your child will be rewarded with online badges and achievements during each funetics course.

Does my child need any specific kit?

When you sign your child up for their first funetics programme, the cost of the course will include a welcome pack for your child including a drawstring bag, personalised t-shirt, cap, water bottle and insoles.

After that it’s up to you, for their second funetics programme you won’t have to purchase kit but you have the option to purchase replacement or top up kit through the funetics store here.

If your child is joining the funetics programme as part of their school curriculum, each school will have the opportunity to purchase kit for their class taking part in funetics during school time.

"Rebecca thoroughly enjoyed funetics. It was very well-structured, and she came away with a big smile on her face which was the most important thing for me."

Debbie Chalmers, Parent
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How do I book my child onto a funetics programme?

We are currently recruiting funetics providers who will begin delivering activity from Autumn 2020 onwards. We will have lots of new funetics sessions added to the website in due course.

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