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Leading funetics Certificate For Sports Coaching

Our sports leadership course is created by funetics and England Athletics to help young people (14 years+) and adults support children’s athletics coaches across the country.

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Through the leading funetics certificate, you can help to support athletics coaches in the delivery of fun and inclusive athletics for children in junior sections of clubs or in the local community.

Sports leadership courses are also a fantastic opportunity for marrying an interest in athletics with the development of general leadership skills.

In addition to the course, you will need to take an Enhanced DBS check before you are qualified.

Take your first steps in your volunteer leadership and youth sports teaching - participate in a practical workshop as part of the leading funetics certificate.

Our leading funetics workshop teaches students to…

  • Keep things simple
  • Communicate and demonstrate clearly
  • Understand that plans, preparation, and reviews are key to successful sport leadership
  • Realise that learning new skills is fun!
  • Go to volunteering sessions with their ‘I will…’ statements – part of their own athletics leadership support plan – at the forefront of their minds

The sports leadership course develops confidence in the ability to lead, as well as engendering interest and engagement with young children.

The key goals of the workshop are to help the students:

  • Identify their roles and responsibilities as a leader of funetics sessions
  • Identify the key components in delivering a safe and inclusive athletics session to a group of developing young athletes
  • Identify the skills required to deliver these sessions effectively
  • Look at the key movement skills and how best to develop in running, jumping, and throwing activities 
  • Observe a range of online athletics activities
  • Explore the key sport leadership skills required to lead a running, jumping, and/or throwing activity.
  • Learn how to engage with coaches and parents using innovation performance monitoring, as well as reward and recognition funetics Apps