Help your school children raise their activity and physical literacy levels.

Learning the fundamental movement skills of running, throwing and jumping

Developed for all children aged 4-11 years, funetics reflects the requirements of the National Curriculum Key Stage 1 and 2 to inspire all young pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities.

England Athletics’ vision is for every primary school aged child in the country to be able to access funetics sessions.

Reasons to include funetics in your school's PE:

funetics is ready for you to use now or anytime in the future

It's accessible to all teachers with built-in training and mentoring support

funetics is easy to use and can be delivered inside or outside, with social distancing

Children can bring their own 'equipment' to help with Covid-19 guidance

All the activities are trackable by your school and parents too

It is rich in content

It supports your own school outcomes and is in line with the National Curriculum

Sessions can be delivered in breakfast and after school clubs or in curriculum time

It is accessible all year round

The fundamental movement skills of funetics are key to so many physical activities

As well as physical learning it's about ‘developing the whole child’ through soft skills

Created by England Athletics - you can be confident in its competency

It's backed by the world's fastest man Usain Bolt and UK superstar Katarina Johnson-Thompson!

funetics is fun!

funetics session: availability, content and reporting

Every child enrolled in a funetics programme will move through all funetics stages with each stage further advancing their running, jumping and throwing skills.

Sessions are available all year round in half term and term blocks, and include:

  • Breakfast clubs
  • Curriculum sessions
  • After school session

For every school that has a funetics programme delivered, a teacher / teaching assistant will be able to access a funetics coaching course for free within the school licence.

funetics providers across the country deliver weekly sessions that include:

  • Fun warm up and cool down activities
  • A minimum of two activities focused on either running, jumping or throwing to encourage them to undertake higher activity levels for a healthy future
  • An assessment of each child’s tracked progress digitally for ease of reporting
  • A termly report of your classes progress available to download

Children will also receive a participant pack.

Skills-based competency framework

The framework acts as a delivery syllabus and assessment tool which allows funetics coaches to provide the most appropriate child-centred sessions based on a child’s stage of progression.

Each child’s performance can be easily monitored by both teachers and parents who will have access to the funetics app which helps track the progress a child is making through all funetics stages with each stage further advancing their running, jumping and throwing skills.

funetics School Providers

We are currently delivering funetics in the following areas;

• Black Country, Staffordshire & Wolverhampton
• Chelmsford & Essex
• Coventry / Warwickshire
• Crawley
• Crewe & Stoke
• Doncaster
• East Dorset & Hampshire
• Hertfordshire & Stevenage
• Leicestershire
• Lincolnshire
• Milton Keynes
• Sussex
• York

If your school is interested in finding out more about what opportunities are available please email support[email protected]

If your school is located in a different area to the above, please still do get in touch as we are regularly recruiting more providers across England.

Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more or book a funetics programme for your school, please email [email protected] and a member of the funetics support team will be in touch with you shortly.