funetics PE Coaches Workshop

The funetics coaches workshop aims to help you understand how your coaching fits into a much wider agenda than just coaching athletics.

The Funetics workshop will:

  • Introduce the funetics programme, including brand values, guiding principles and key programme requirements
  • Introduce you to the development of young athlete’s physical, psychological, social and emotional competencies
  • Look at applying development principles to the developing child and your coaching practice
  • Introduce coaches to age appropriate activities, as well as cognitive considerations for coaching 4-11 year olds and understanding the importance of the growing child.
  • Provide an opportunity to experience the funetics assessment platform and how it can be applied.

Workshop Programme

Session 1: Welcome & Introductions / Background

Session 2: The developing child

  • Physical, Psychological, Social, Emotional
  • The Skill Hungry years
  • The 5 C’s – Competence, Confidence, Connectivity, Character & Caring, Creativity — What does this look like in practical application?

Session 3: Coaching children – child centred activity

  • Coaching practice / Rapport building / Organisation
  • Games and play
  • Practical examples of coaching the different ages (4-7; 7-9; 9-11) — Introduction to differentiation and inclusive coaching practice


Session 4: Assessment Platform

  • Overview and practical application

Session 4b: Teaching Resources (additional content for those working in schools)

  • Schemes of work
  • Lesson plans
  • Inclusive practice

Session 5: Close