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PE teaching and funding made easier with the funetics funding toolkit

What does the funetics funding toolkit offer?

funetics provides a high-quality PE teaching curriculum. The goal is to inspire children to succeed and excel at Key Stage 1 and 2 through mastering basic movements in running, jumping and throwing.

This funding toolkit has been created to help schools understand:

  • PE funding sources
  • How to go about securing PE funding
  • Why primary school funding for ‘fundamental movement skills’ is important
  • How the funetics programme can help schools, children and young people

Every child has a right to fulfil their potential. The funetics toolkit simply aims to make this easier.

How funetics can help your school with PE funding

funetics curriculum licence

funetics has packed together a unique and comprehensive PE curriculum – the funetics Curriculum Licence. This is designed to make delivering PE teaching and our fundamental movement skills as easy as possible:

  • Two teachers will receive Primary School Athletics CPD training in Run, Jump, Throw
  • Two Teaching Assistants / Support Workers / Carers or Volunteers will receive funetics leadership training
  • A full bag of funetics fundamental athletics equipment will be provided
  • You will gain a funetics licence and digital platform with over 100 digital resources in warmups / cool downs, sports days and Run, Jump, Throw. All this is underpinned by YouTube videos to support competency and confidence to deliver in PE teaching

Investing in your children’s physical literacy with the funetics funding toolkit

Learning the fundamental movement skills – running, jumping and throwing – is an essential part of both PE teaching and a child’s physical literacy. Children need the opportunity to build their competencies on movement skills to reach their full potential.

At the same time, funetics recognises that primary school funding is continually compromised.

The roll out of funetics through England Athletics will provide primary schools with a one-stop solution. The funding toolkit will help to navigate the various primary school funding sources open to them. It will also provide the necessary tools to submit a strong application for financial support.

Support for PE teaching

funetics can train school staff to best support their children’s physical, mental, social, and personal development needs.

the funding toolkit has been developed to ensure all staff are able to benefit, no matter their level of PE teaching experience. funetics provides staff with the skills to energise children, fire their imaginations and help them flourish. This makes for a positive difference not just in PE teaching but across the whole school environment.

Looking for teacher CPD opportunities?

The funetics training can count towards valuable and sometimes difficult-to-source CPD. It also gives teachers the confidence to support children with PE whilst having a rewarding experience themselves.

Download the funding toolkit

By completing and submitting the form, you’ll have access to the free of charge, easy-to-use funding toolkit. You’ll also find more information about how the funetics Curriculum Licence can help your school support the health and well-being of young children.