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Kids' Sports Holiday Camps near you

funetics, developed by England Athletics, is an engaging and inclusive programme designed to assist children aged 4 to 11 in learning, enhancing, and practicing running, jumping, and throwing skills.

Complemented by enrichment activities such as arts, crafts, and various sports, funetics holiday camps cater to a broad range of interests among children. Our holiday camps promote enjoyment, social interaction, play, and occasional friendly competitions!

Rest assured, our coaches and activity leaders are fully qualified, ensuring your child's safety in a nurturing environment. With a diverse range of funetics camps available, we strive to accommodate all families. Additionally, for those eligible for free school meals, we offer complimentary spots, ensuring inclusivity for every child. No one is left behind in our commitment to providing a fun and enriching experience for all.

funetics Easter Holiday Camps now open!

The following is a snapshot of Holiday Camps this Easter.
Contact us to find out more. Click on a date below for more details.

25-27 March: Perry Hall Methodist Church (B42 1QF)
25-28 March and 2-5 April:
Kings Norton Tennis Club (B38 8RE)
25-28 March:
Saltley Academy, (Broadway Avenue B9 5YD)
25-28 March:
Mapledene Primary School (B26 3XE)
25-28 March:
Kitwell Primary School (B32 4DL)
25-28 March:
St John Fisher Church (B31 3QT)
2-5 April:
Hawkesley Academy (B38 9TR)
2-5 April:
Bellfield Junior School (B31 1PT)

Community festivals

funetics host 'activation' zones at community festivals or events:

  • We'll update this when the festival season starts again!