Creating opportunities for young children to have fun and movement

To give children new opportunities to access funetics, we provide the following at home resources:

funetics activities at home pack

Fun Family Activity Cards

funetics activities at home videos

Young children deserve to be happy, healthy, and have fun whenever and wherever.

And engagement in fundamental movement skills at home is as important as it is in school or in the community. In fact, most activity-based play and games at home involve some running, jumping or throwing.

Our funetics activities at home are designed to encourage and support more of this home-based activity. Our vision is help as many young children are as active as possible, because with physical activity they find interaction, learning, support, health and happiness.

The activities at home resources are in video or activity card format.

What's included in the funetics Home School pack

The funetics Home School pack includes plenty of useful resources to help you teach PE for kids at home.

The pack includes worksheets, activity cards, fun games brought to life in video format, and the history and heroes of the sport led by our very own superhero Katarina Johnson-Thompson (KJT).

Fun Family Activity Cards

Welcome to the Journey to 2022 Family Fun Activity Cards pack, originating from the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Having fun and staying active as a family has many benefits.

Through our Family Fun Activity Cards, we want you to enjoy the experience of running, jumping and throwing as a family,
learn new skills and find new ways to enjoy your time together.

Through this pack you will find a series of cards designed with the whole family in mind.

funetics activities at home videos

The funetics activity videos demonstrate parents and children (aged 4-11) taking part in FUN activities based on fundamental core movement skills: running, jumping and throwing, helping you to make PE lessons at home even more fun.