Primary Teacher PE Training, "Run, Jump, Throw!"

England Athletics has created a set of resources designed to place running, jumping and throwing at the heart of school physical education and to support primary teachers in delivering athletics activities in an inclusive, exciting and engaging manner.

The 'Run, Jump, Throw' resources focuses on running (including pushing a wheelchair), jumping and throwing — the building blocks of athletics, which in turn underpin nearly all other sports and physical activities — embracing a child’s natural desire to move.

The development of fundamental movement skills is critical in the early years of primary school. Children should progress from elementary to more complex movement patterns and should be able to execute them with increasing efficiency over time. This progression through these skills can be significantly influenced by the child’s early physical education.

By engaging with 'Run, Jump, Throw', both teachers and pupils can develop increased self-confidence, competence and a lifelong enjoyment of running, jumping and throwing. Run, Jump, Throw is written to conform to the curriculum requirements in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The workshop is designed to give an introduction to primary athletics activities and it provides the theory of delivery, whilst offering real life examples of the activities in action, using a range of activity cards, and utilising the funetics programme (which forms part of the resource available with the workshop).

It should be noted that this workshop is delivered via two virtual classroom sessions and is certificated only. As a result, participants will receive a certificate of attendance. There is no licence and no insurance cover provided as a result of attending this workshop.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Identify principles behind Run, Jump and Throw
  • Identify the key components in developing and delivering a safe and inclusive athletics session to a group of primary age pupils
  • Identify cross sport and cross curricula links to the activities covered within Run, Jump, Throw
  • Look at the key movement skills and skill development in running, jumping and throwing activities
  • Observe a range of practical athletic (running, jumping and throwing) activities.

Outline Programme for the Workshop

Session 1

  • Part 1: Delivering Athletics in Schools
  • Part 2: Using the Schools Athletics App and Resources
  • Part 3: Teaching Fun Warm Up Games / Activities
  • Part 4: Teaching Running Activities & Events

Session 2

  • Part 1: Teaching Jumping Activities & Events
  • Part 2: Teaching Throwing Activities & Events
  • Part 3: Conclusion, Summary and Questions