All to play for…. funetics sports day ‘21

It’s all to play for

Sports Day is one of the most exciting days of the year for most schools and pupils.

It is a great chance for young people to have a fun, engaging, physical activity experience, in which everyone can be celebrated for both their effort and achievements. And for most primary schools, Sports Day is an annual event which has been run with great success for many years.

However, right now and more than at any time in our recent history, primary school children need to have something to look forward to, and have opportunities to be with each other having fun and being active.

This funetics Sports Day '21 is England Athletics' response to these needs and to help further support and enhance the good practices already in place in your school.

Combining core PE skills with a fantastic variety of running, jumping and throwing games, it’s all to play for when your primary school joins funetics for Sports Day ‘21.

On your marks, get set for Sports Day!

We’ve taken the work out of organising Sports Day this year, so teachers and primary school children can look forward to a special event that’s full of fun, activity and togetherness.

Our free, ready-to-go resources are designed to make Sports Day easy, so you can give children something to get excited about and get their summer off to a flying start.

With an emphasis on fun, wellbeing and building confidence, every child can enjoy the feel-good factor that comes with getting active... inside, outside, at home or at school!


Go for gold! At this time when some children might need extra encouragement and support, the funetics Sports Day resources pack includes reward certificates, so that every child can receive recognition for their effort and participation on (and before!) the big day.

Each certificate can be personalised to include children’s names and teacher’s names - plus most importantly a record of whatever they have achieved.

Results in your pocket

Sign up to funetics Sports Day 21 to receive more information on how you can upload your school’s results to our online competition.

If any of your teachers and parents can't attend Sports Day, don’t worry! We’ll make viewing results easy and accessible to all, whether at home, at work or on the go!

Fill in our form below to access our funetics Sports Day resources and receive further details on how your teachers can add results to our competition.

You’re all set!

Just like the parent programme funetics, the funetics Sports Day ’21 resource includes everything you need to have a fantastic sports day either at your school or at home:

  • Sports Day manual
  • Access to our online competition
  • Personalised certificates
  • Stickers
  • Posters to use in your school or at home

How can funetics help your school prepare for Sports Day '21?

To help get ready for your Sports Day, we have a range of support available to help you build up to the big day:

We can provide you with details of our different local providers across the country who can help deliver funetics in your school. Coaches can deliver breakfast, curriculum and after school clubs.

We can provide the opportunity for teachers to take part in a four hour online teacher training course. Courses cost £50 and can help teachers deliver running, jumping and throwing lessons within school. Click here to find our next schools athletics courses available (coming soon!). 

We can provide you with the opportunity to buy access to a range of schemes of work, lesson plans and app to help you deliver funetics in your school. For only £500 you can buy a package for your school that includes a year’s worth of activities, including access to an app to help access all content.

We can provide the opportunity to buy school athletics kit and equipment to help deliver funetics sessions in your school.

For more information on any of our supporting packages, please contact [email protected]

What events are part of the funetics Sports Day?

  • Running:
    30m / 50m / 75m (depending on age)
    Skipping race
    Sack race
  • Jumping:
    Standing long jump
    Speed bounce
    Hopscotch or standing triple jump (depending on age)
  • Throwing:
    Tennis ball / howler throw
    Push throw
    Target throw / roll a goal

Are there any alternative activities?

As alternatives to the suggested activities in this funetics Sports Day resource, schools could also use other traditional fun activities, such as:

  • Bean bag shuttle runs
  • Bean bag balance
  • Dribbling skills

How will age ranges be split?

This will be split by school year and Key Stage:

  • Key Stage 1 (Reception to Year 2)
  • Key Stage 2 Lower (Years 3-4)
  • Key Stage 2 Upper (Years 5-6)

Everyone can join in - inclusivity guidance

The funetics primary school Sports Day '21 competition format has been developed to be flexible and inclusive to engage all pupils within a school, regardless of ability or disability.

More detailed supporting resources will be provided to support schools adapt the various challenges / activities over the coming weeks. Please keep an eye out for the additional Sports Day '21 resources. Within these additional resources, England Athletics has created five different groups of pupils which will help schools correctly select the best activity to use.

How does the competition element work?

funetics Sports Day is supported by the new England Athletics Superteams competition format.

Both funetics and Superteams work closely with other multi-event competition providers to enable children to enjoy competitive sports and teamwork even more.

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Athletics is where it all begins

funetics Sports day is part of the new funetics programme – created by England Athletics – to help primary school children enjoy, learn, develop and practice running, jumping and throwing all year round.

Click here to find out more about funetics in schools