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Club and Community Activator course launched

Designed to help athletics clubs and community groups running junior sessions to address any shortage of workforce and capacity.

Despite the expansion of the funetics programme in both club and community settings, there are still many clubs and community groups who face challenges trying to develop and sustain their junior sections or reduce their waiting lists due to a shortage of qualified coaches or leaders.

The new funetics Club and Community Activator Course is a certified course designed as an entry-level qualification, to support the delivery of funetics activity.

The course will be suitable for those with existing qualifications such as: Coaching Assistant, or Leadership in Running Fitness; as well as any volunteers, students, and parents/guardians aged 18+.

It is tailored for individuals who aspire to support the sustainability and growth of junior athletics programmes but who lack an Athletics Coaching Award.

This new course enables the Activator to deliver funetics independently, with full insurance coverage.

This new course comprises a series of online self-guided learning modules, plus a practical 3-hour session, and will be implemented nationwide in England. Its purpose is to assist clubs and community groups in maintaining the momentum of their junior programmes.

funetics can be utilised to introduce a new age range (e.g. 5-8 year olds), address long waiting lists, or even establish a new junior section.

The course will be available to track and field clubs or community groups wishing to or currently working with juniors (4-11yrs of age) and includes the following, all free of charge (currently valued at £250), with 100% of participant fees (if charging children) retained by the club:

  • 2 x CiRF / Athletics Coaches transitioning through the funetics coaches' workshop
    or 2 x Club and Community Activators (18+ years): for Assistant Coaches,LiRF, Volunteers, or Leaders
  • 4 x Leading funetics (14+ years): aimed at athletes, parents and volunteers within the club
  • 1 x full digital platform and all funetics resources, including funetics holiday camp resources

Additional places can be secured at the following rates:

  • £100 for funetics coaches' workshop
  • £100 for funetics Club & Community Activator
  • £20 for funetics leader

For existing funetics providers, this new course serves as an opportunity to build and expand your workforce by upskilling coaches and leaders. If you are interested in joining the funetics movement, we are more than happy to discuss the options with you and find the right combination for your club.