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Create your own Commonwealth Games-inspired fun athletics challenges

Looking for games or challenges for your child who has been inspired by the athletics at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games?

Maybe your child was lucky enough to join us at the HaveAGo zone at the Alexander Stadium but now they want to experience more athletics at home or at the local park with siblings or friends?

funetics has the answer with a fun challenge, emulating our ambassador – Katarina Johnson-Thompson.

Katarina is a huge fan of funetics and took part in the heptathlon during the Games in Birmingham, bringing home the gold for the second time.

Katarina ran in the 100 metres hurdles, 200 metres, threw the shot and jumped in the high jump on the first day, before returning to the track for the long jump, javelin and finally the 800 metres.

To appreciate this challenge, have a look at Katarina’s results: she sprinted 100 hurdles in 13.83 and the 200 metres in 23.70; she threw the shot 12.94, then cleared 1.84 in the high jump; her long jump was 6.33 metres; she threw 44.33 in the javelin, and then ran 2:13.93 for the 800 metres.

This said, funetics is all about taking part and creating fun, engaging and shareable experiences. Challenges are there for those who want them. This is why we have devised these activities so your child, in a team of four, can simply take part in the activity or challenge their friends.

Shot: Bean bag challenge

You’ll need a tape measure and then add up the team’s four throws. Did they beat KJT? It shows you how amazing KJT is.

Javelin: Get your bean bags to the ready again

For this you’ll also need a tape measure. Each child will throw a bean bag, then add up the distances each team member has thrown.

Long jump: You need to be good at your adding up!

Get that tape measure and add the team’s four jumps up.

200 metres: Time for some running

Each child to run as far they can in 23.70, the time it took Katarina to run 200m. Add two or three distances together to see who wins.

800 metres. More running!

Here’s the toughie. Run in a relay, each completing 100m before handing over. It’s a long way and a real test of endurance and teamwork.

And there is more…..

One of the many great things about athletics is the variety of activities. You only had to see how many athletics events took place every day for six days in Birmingham’s Alexander Stadium. Team England’s Athletics stars secured 34 medals! 

Maybe your child discovered a favourite athlete during the Games and now they want to copy them?

Was it Darryl Neita in the 100 metres who ran an incredible 10.90 seconds? If so how about your child uses that time to challenge his or her team? How far can they run in 11 seconds?

Mark it and try and beat it. Try it in a three-athlete relay over 100 metres. Can three of your children race faster? For something a bit different, get the runners to count in their heads as they run up to 11 seconds (or 22 if you’ve chosen the 200m) and stop when they think they’re running the time. The closest to the real-time wins!

Or keeping your choice closer to home... maybe your child liked the 1500 metres and Matt Stonier? If so, get a team together of as many runners as you want and try to beat his time of 3:32.50. Can 20 young runners run faster than your local England Team member at the Commonwealth Games? We say yes!

Finally, we love this challenge: take on the triple jump. Can three children add together their hops, steps, and jumps to take on the women’s bronze medallist, Naomi Metzger who did 14.37 metres? We say that’ll be tough. It might take six of you! Two doing the hops, two doing the steps and two adding their jumps together. Measure it out — it’s a long, long way!

Talking of a long way, the shot put is always a great event to try. Can you put a tennis ball as far as England’s Scott Lincoln? He threw 20.47 metres for his bronze medal. This is all about technique. Look at his technique on YouTube to see how it should look and then try and give it a go using the same style!

We’ve love to hear about your funetics challenges, so make sure you share as many pictures as you can or tell us all about your own challenges.

And if all this isn’t enough, especially when so many children have enjoyed seeing the athletics in the Games in the stadium or on TV, or your child was one of the 5343 who visited our HaveAGo zone at Alexander Stadium, funetics has Holiday Camps.

Check out Holiday Camps dates and locations.

Additionally, you can check out our activities at home page for more inspiring and fun activities to do at home or in the local park.