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PE Teaching Curriculums made easy…

with the funetics curriculum licence

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NEW – the funetics curriculum licence expanded 

In line with the new Opening Access to School facilities initiative launched in March 2023, your school can acquire an extended funetics curriculum licence to offer after-school, weekends, and holiday camp sessions in addition to curricular activities. 

Created by England Athletics and exclusive to primary schools, the funetics curriculum licence is an easy-to-teach physical activity programme aligned with the national PE curriculum (Key Stages 1 & 2). funetics enables teachers and their support staff to deliver fundamental movement skills – running, jumping and throwing.

The funetics PE curriculum licence allows teachers to deliver funetics youth sport coaching sessions independently, without external support.

  • You’ll get access to the funetics digital platform, which provides traction and credibility through a skills-based competency framework.
  • Our funetics app means each child’s performance is easily trackable by your school, and parents too.

Playful and structured PE Curriculum…

supporting children’s wellbeing and happiness

funetics is much more than an athletics programme. From play to practice, youth sport coaching sessions are fun and developmental.

The core components of run, jump and throw are fundamental to creating lifelong engagement with physical activity. Our primary sports coaching also focuses on supporting softer skills development that contribute to the overall social, emotional, and physical wellbeing of children.

The physical education curriculum provides a safe, fun and nurturing environment for children by recognising and rewarding skills and participation.


Unbeatable value

For a spend of between £500-£750 only, funetics Curriculum Licence offers exceptional value for money with:

  • Online primary sports coaching training for 2 x primary school teachers
  • funetics equipment starter pack
  • Online access to youth sport coaching session plans, videos, games and activities
  • 4 year-licence agreement*

*£75 annual PE curriculum licence fee for years 2, 3 & 4

We have also identified a range of funding opportunities via our Funding Toolkit.

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Funding for PE made easier with the funetics funding toolkit

This ‘funding toolkit’ has been created to help schools to understand:

  • Sources of funding
  • How to go about securing funding
  • Why funding for primary school ‘fundamental movement skills’ is important
  • How the funetics programme can help schools and children and young people

Learn more about the funetics funding toolkit